Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - Coming Soon!

Hello any and all!

A lot has happened since my last blog in March 2016, and I feel that returning here is like starting the jalopy in your garage after letting it sit for two winters. Will the engine turn, even after a battery charge? 

Yes! That's what I'm telling myself, to be ever-optimistic, because in this case the keys are in my hand and online technology, unlike the V8 - would not have this concern if my metaphor were a Tesla, would I? - automatically updates itself.

As the title says, is coming soon (it's live now, if you like to see the engine being rebuilt in the garage, like diehards do)! It's my new writer's website aimed at pulling the life of 'The Eggman - he is everywhere!' into one spot, where it can be better understood. It also hocks my ware: Steve Eggleston -- writer for hire.

Having been on a two-year blog hiatus, this blog is not just like the jalopy in the garage, but the comic on a tiny dark stage seeking laughs from an empty audience. Noone is in the crowd, but here again technology again enters the picture.

Unlike Lenny Bruce flinging fingers, epitaphs, and one-liners at club faithfuls at 2 in the morning - gig done, who knew? - I benefit from the age of archive. So this blog to an empty room can later be viewed by anyone, or not.

Two years ago I blogged on the release of 2nd Edition of Conflicted, my fiction thriller debut that found so much critical acclaim and yet so few buyers. lol Is that the story of my life? Gosh, I hope not. But due to my non-exclusive partnership with Amazon, it is still available! 

Yes, for £6.97 or $9.99 American, you can order yours today. If you wait, you will be able to buy it in ebook and hopefully, in the not too distant future, audiobook. 

Since then, since two years ago, what are the highlights? Here they are in summation, with more soon to follow as this blog comes out regularly (in the Bob Lefsetz model of whenever it suits you but often enough to remain current).

The Food Mafia, requisitioned by my co-writer Jon Gordon, is now being repped by the legendary Peter Miller founder of Global Lion Management (1500 books, 27 movies) for worldwide literary rights. Follow the story on and embedded blog.

Conquering Your Adversities, requisitioned by my co-writer, Dr. Kenneth Polke, a memoir mixing the mafia, the NFL and dentistry (you have to read it to believe it, sort of Rudy meets Friday Night Lights with a dash of Kill the Irishman), is now available in hardback.

Flatline, requisitioned by co-writer Kevin Swann, a cyberthriller, is in the final edits. 

We don't have a cover yet, but the requisitioned Ripley's Fast Diabetes-free Solution, by pharmacist Suzanne Ridley | with Steve Eggleston, is coming soon. It is a must for anyone who wants to live longer, be happier and reverse (or avoid) Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

A virtual tidal wave of other books will also soon be mentionable. Right now they are in the final editing stages - a drama in the Maldives, the British Wolf of Wall Street, a story of inspiration weaving Reggae and technology, more.

And before I leave the stage, I must add that in these two years I've become happily married to Dana Amma Day, founder and CEO of, a media company helping to create a positive world with positive news from around the world.

No encore, sorry! See you again soon.