Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Conflicted" 2nd Edition on Sale now on Amazon Books

Hi Readers and Co-Writers!
I was honored to have legendary lit agent Peter Miller release the 1st Edition of "Conflicted" on his 21st Century Lion Books publishing platform via Amazon's "White Glove" Program.  Thank you, Peter!  It was a wonderful run.

I am now releasing the 2nd Edition of "Conflicted" on my own Eggman Global Books, Eggman Global Media and Eggman's Favz publishing platform collective, also via  At the beginning, "Conflicted" will be available in paperback and on ebook.  I am working on audio book as we "speak."

I make this pledge to anyone who buys the paperback version.  Send it to me and I'll happily sign it with a personal message to you or anyone to whom you might be gifting the book.

Since I last posted a blog, sorry for the long lapse, I was blessed to receive a resounding review from one of the best authors in thriller-writing today, John Lescroart.  John as many of you know, having elevated him their by purchasing and reading his books, is a 17x New York Times Bestseller (in the legal thriller genre).

Here's John's review of "Conflicted":

"Killer book.  I loved every page of it... CONFLICTED is a total winner on every level.  Great courtroom stuff, great characters, great plot, narrative mega-drive and - in Dave Splatter, P.I. - a stand-alone hero for the ages."

~ Steve Eggleston