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Saturday, October 16, 2010

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 Blog -- Eggman's Favz!  The Eggman

The Eggman.  I feel like I've lived many lives, and many of you who choose to receive this Blog will know me from one, but not the other.  I've been a long-haired hippie, a war protester, an athlete, a close fan of the Ramones, an Ayn Randian, a leftist, a night-school law student working 3 jobs, a trial lawyer, a law Professor, a Law Book author & lecturer, a Business Affairs Executive, a movie producer, a music manager, a rock magazine President/COO, a photographer & freelance writer, a fiction & non-fiction author and screenwriter, and a media specialist, publicist, marketing guru and brand maven.  Eggmans Favz is thus a Blog that addresses, supports, and promotes, whatever is on my mind, lol, as taken from my many and diverse passions.  I hope that what I report and say will inspire you, anger you, and/or motivate you -- or, at least, interest you enough to keep you coming back for more, and offering your own two cents.  

WorldShift and Noosphere are very strong, current interests of mine.  In a nutshell, WorldShift is a movement campaigning on behalf of the people and the earth, whose goal is to spearhead a global movement dedicated to establishing the foundation for a peaceful, just and sustainable world.  Noosphere, pronounced new-es-fear, is a sphere of human thought, the third in a series of global phases, the first being the geosphere (a world of inanimate objects), the second, the biosphere (a world of living things), and the third, the noosphere (a world whose biosphere is transformed by the interaction and complexities of advanced human intelligence, technology, and social networks).  A great recent book is that of Polly Higgens, a London-based planetary rights lawyer and Barrister, entitled "Eradicating Ecocide."   She is currently speaking in Astana, Kazakhstan, at the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, actor Adrian Brody also being one of the participants.

My man, Duncan Faure.  Duncan is the legendary singer-songwriter of South Africa's Rabbitt (his teen guitar-player was Trevor Rabin, who became guitarist for "YES") and Scotland's The Bay City Rollers / Rollers.  I manage him and he is my friend, and he lives up the street from me with his lovely wife Laurie and their two children and pug, Ringo.  At age 17, Dunx was running from 1000s of screaming teenage girls at airports around SA, especially Johannesburg.  By age 20, he was doing the same in the UK, where the Bay City Rollers rivaled the Beatles in popularity -- Roller Mania!  Dunx has just released his 28-song Anthology, and will soon release "Kick of the Rhino", a wholly original project.  Check him out at www.DuncanFaure.com (pronounced 4-A), and watch for his 2011 Tour and some exciting new announcements -- Coming Soon!

The Arts Factory, Vegas.  One of my current passions is to be Co-Entertainment Director at Vegas' most magnificent, eclectic, ALL-AGES, art-crazed venue in Vegas.  It's at the heart of The Arts District, founded 14 years ago by artist-photographer Wes Isbutt and his wife, noted Graphic Artist Debra Heiser.  Wes and Debra have led the development and expansion of the Vegas Art District, and now his multi-plex housing 22 galleries, the Bar + Bistro Restaurant, and two live music patios, is about to Grand Open its new Urban Lounge... sometime in the next month.  Today, you can enjoy the 18B Music Festival and Octoberfest Beer Garden starting at 4 p.m., complete with 5 bands playing on an outdoor stage, FREE, and several dozens brewmeisters allowing unlimited sampling for $20.  Contact me for booking any cool live music show, art show, or otherwise.

Halloween Eve Costume Bash @ The Arts Factory.  Brought to you by Eggman Global, N.O.I.S.E., and Marc Cash, and boasting a frightening crematorium theme, complete with outdoor Fire Pit and Fire Spinners, the Arts Factory "Halloween Eve Costume Bash" will feature 3 live bands on the East Patio Stage (Columbyne, just back from the WARP TOUR, headliners AGE oV REASON, and inimitable DJ/Percussionist Marc Cash, w/ his CA$H IS KING & THE ROYAL COURT.  On the North Patio Stage, look for live art, face & body painters, feat. Areeya, Ashley Michaud, Augxillary, Damian Drake, Eddie Canumay, Madtam, Minjasassin & Rob Hester; Sleight of Hand, feat. Mike Duro; Fire Spinners, feat. Dean Crum & Dusty Plains. Also enjoy the mind-boggling Drum Circle, Vendors, DJs, Prizes for Best Costumes, Drink Specials & More -- Hosted by Yours Truly, The Eggman.  Buy tickets online or from participants in advance for $10, or at the Door for $15.  ALL-AGES, so be sure to bring your I.D. to get a booze braclet.  Tix Link:   http://www.wantickets.com?e_id=135606.
Read more: http://events.myspace.com/Event/View/7936892#ixzz12Xwr0S1T

Frankie Scorpion for Governor!  I am Publicist and Consultant to Frankie Scorpion, who embodies the character of the new, 21st Century woman.  She's a humanist, feminist, entrepreneur & independent thinker.  She founded and leads the Gypsy Queens, the largest heavily-tattooed women's organization in the world, and she founded and leads the Crowned Ink Divas, a group of hot tattooed women who work with companies to brand, market and exploit their products and services globally.  She is a staunch New Yorker, a single mother, a world traveler, a proud bi-sexual, a victim of rape and abuse, and a proponent of anti-discrimination policies on all levels.  She believes in strong family values and individual ethics and passion.  She will be the first-ever heavily-tattooed woman to openly run for public office, and I urge all of you to remember her name!  Check her out at http://www.myspace.com/thegps.     

Marc Cash, CA$H IS KING & THE ROYAL COURT.   Marc Cash is a slammin' DJ and world-class percussionist, drummer, musician, songwriter and artist.  I manage Marc and we're taking the show on the road next year to Dubai, Cairo, Ibiza, Miami and New York City, from whence he comes.  Actually, he's a Philly kid from Poland who dodged a few real bullets on the way here, before landing at the Berklee College of Music, where he studied the classics, jazz and rock n' roll.  He's toured with a bunch of rock cats on drums and is a consummate actor with real chops.  His last record, SOLUS REX, is available at http://www.RetrospectRecords.com.  He also has his own rock band, playing all originals in Vegas and worldwide.  If you want to book him, contact me now.  

Eggman Rock n' Roll Radio.  Yes, The Eggman is back on the air soon.  Beginning once weekly every Tuesday, on October 19, 2010, in the year of our Lord, I will host Eggman Rock n' Roll Radio for two hours, 3 pm - 5 pm Pacific Coast Standard Time, USA.   It's only rock n' roll, so I'll play what I like, from anywhere in the word, from any era; I'll interview musicians and personalities from around the world, on any topic that moves me, be it music, politics, the environment, friendship, film, art, or otherwise.  Of course I'll have my brothers in arms Duncan Faure and Marc Cash on regularly, and I'll do phoners with my global friends Chris Carlucci (Bay Area), Dana Amma Day (London), Arakel Topalian (Beirut, Cairo), and Gray Fuss (Australia), if they're willing.  Find me on http://www.RadioZone1.com. 

Conflcited.  I'm extraordinarily excited to announce that I have finished my first fiction novel, a crime-courtroom thriller called "Conflicted."  It is not in stores yet, or available online, but if you would like to read an advance copy for pre-release fan input, feel free to contact me.  It's an twisted premise, about a hot-shot, aspiring San Francisco attorney being called upon to defend his younger, rocker brother, for murdering his own law partner, set in glorious San Francisco.  With twists and turns reminiscent of "Mystic River" = "Primal Free," with a sprinkle of "Chinatown," it plumbs the depths of loyalty and brotherly love, from the POV of the attorney's best friend and crack investigator, Trip Splatter.  Hopefully the beginning of a Splatter Crime Series.  Also, should anyone know of any good crime genre lit agents, I'd certainly appreciate your passing their contact info my way.

Eggman Global - Media, Music & Film.  My latest brainchild, Eggman Global provides a fantastic platform for all I do, which covers the gamut of the branding, media, music, politics, writing, booking, promoting, special events and entertainment.  I've teamed up with ace photographer Joe Connell, and brilliant videographers from Zoom Productions/StrippedDownTV, to deliver spot-on branding, publicity, PR, social marketing, and special events, such as Red & Black Carpets.  I can work with any budget, and give you more for your buck than anyone else.  I can do that, because of my history in the game, and the hundreds if not thousands of solid relationships I have worldwide.  Indeed, I can honest say that 99% of the time, I'm one call away from most anything you'd need.

That's it for now.  Have a rockin' day!  

Livin' every day like they all were one, The Eggman - He's Everywhere!

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